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Welcome to Border Tramp, your source for information on traveling the Yucatan and Central America on just $20 USD a day. Earlier readers of our blog will find here all of the commentary, maps, and information they’ve enjoyed over the last few years. We’ve adjusted the format a bit to ease navigation and speed up page loading for our readers without access to a high speed internet connection. Stay tuned for tips on tramping Costa Rica and Panama, as well as an exciting new way to access the combined insights of the tramp brigade: the Border Tramp mobile phone app!

From all of us here at Border Tramp, enjoy the site and

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  • xavi says:

    if you operate a hotel or hostel that cost under $15 USD a person and would like to be included in our website please contact us with your information, pictures,videos and any interesting information.

  • [Aunt] Malinda says:

    Great idea. I’m not able to travel much and certainly not that far, but I like your concept. One suggestion about the site format: Increase the font size for easier reading.

  • Susanna says:

    We were in Tulum last month. Lobo Inn has closed. In front of where it was, there are private double rooms with bathroom for 100 pesos. The room is really basic but is close to the ruins and to beach. (You can ask at the bikes rental)

    We’ve just been in San Pedro la Laguna (Guatemala). We’ve stayed at Hotel Peneleu, and the private bedroom with a private bathroom costed us 40Q. There’s a kitchen but it’s dirty and the there’s no “direct water”. The bedroom was clean and the bed comfortable. Nearby there are many similar hotels. In the market you can get a full dish for 15 Q (big piece of chicken, rice, frijol and pasta).

    We are now in Antigua Guatemala. The Yellow House has different prices than it’s said in this web…. the dorm is 80Q or 10$, breakfast included. In the same street there are other hostels where the private double room is only 100Q. They have full equipped kitchen and are basic but clean.

    • admin says:

      Susanna, Thanks so much! We really appreciate your updates and helping to keep Border Tramp current! I’ll get right on these updates. Enjoy Antigua! We are tramping down the Caribbean coast at the moment trying to get diving information and info up to date since our last voyage so any help or info you have from the interior is really helpful! Thanks again :)

  • Tanner says:

    If your looking to do Spanish school at all, I would highly recommend going to quezaltenango and spend the time there instead of Antigua. It cost a third the price and is a lot easier to immerse yourself in the language in a homestay. It also felt safer, being robbed first hand at gun point in Antigua. Still a site to see though.

    • admin says:


      We are in Xela now, and loving it! Our school is great, and so are all the travelers/students that we’ve met here. You’re right that it’s much different than Antigua. Sorry to hear about the bad run in you had there. And thank you for the information! All the best, and Happy New Year!

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