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Belize PlacenciaBelize is truly a unique place to experience in Central America. That’s not to say that you won’t find ruins, beautiful beaches, dense jungle and precarious driving — that’s all there. But it’s the culture in Belize that is so distinctly different.

That and, the national language is English. For the english-speaking, it makes getting around and mingling with locals in Belize as much of a pleasure here as it is a challenge in other countries. The food might not be as creative, vibrant and flavorful as Mexico or other countries, with the fresh seafood options along the coast — we had no reason to complain.

The barrier reef along the coast of Belize is the second largest in the world, and many say the most beautiful, since it has been protected longer than the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Come for the wildlife (jaguars, nearly 600 species of birds, incredible marine-life) the incredible, warm, colorful waters of the Caribbean or the always entertaining culture — for whatever reason you visit Belize, you’ll likely find many more reasons to stay.


There is no fee to enter Belize, though you will have to pay upon departure—the amount depends on how you plan to exit. All exits are subject to the environmental impact tax of $7.50BZD. The standard departure tax for exiting by land or air is $30BZD. If you exit by boat, you are EXEMPT from the departure tax and only have to pay the environmental fee ( Last time I left there was a departure tax going to Chetumal from Caye Caulker but there was no charge going from Punta Gorda to Livingston) . If you plan on crossing the border more than once, you are sometimes able to avoid paying the environmental tax more than once. Hold on to the receipt and make your case to the immigration official. It never hurts to try.

Islands // Cities // Villages

Caye Caulker          •          Cockscomb Basin          •          Hopkins          •         Placencia          •          Punta Gorda          •          San Ignacio        •         Dangriga


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