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Travel Cockscomb Basin

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Travel Cockscomb Basin

If you are in southern Belize, it would be an absolute shame to miss out on this incredible wildlife sanctuary. Known as the world’s first and only jaguar preserve this place is nearly 200,000 acres of lush, canopy-covered jungle. Exploring is easy too, as the trails are kept clear and well-marked.

You’d be lucky to catch a glimpse of one of the nearly 500 jaguars here (although there are often sightings) but the other mammals, birds and insects are fascinating on their own merits. The enormous trees, their trunks swathed in vines that wrap and tangles around the ceiling of foliage above you, dripping down to tickle your head as you walk the trails. There is no question about it, Cockscomb is pure jungle and staying there for a night is an unforgettable experience.

You can camp in one of the two campgrounds — one at the visitor center, the other atop the trail to Tiger Fern Falls (incredible views) — for $10usd ($20BZE) per person, per night. There is a rustic Cabin with four rooms (two beds to each room), with a screened-in porch for $20usd ($40BZE) per room.

There is a kitchen available here. If you plan on staying the night, bring food to eat/cook. The kitchen has stoves, ovens and a refrigerator/freezer.

And don’t miss out on tubing down the river. For $2.50usd ($5BZE) it is the absolute perfect way to relax after hiking the hills of the jungle.


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