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Travel Dangriga

Travel Dangriga

Dangriga is thought of as little more than a connection point while busing through Belize. For the most part, given the size of Belize, you shouldn’t have to stay the night here unless you choose. From Dangriga you can efficiently hop boats and buses to a variety of locations. This isn’t to say Dangriga doesn’t have a charm of it’s own; actually quite the opposite on November 19. Garifuna Settlement Day, a national holiday in Belize, is host to an unforgettable display of local culture that will likely have you bruking out within an hour of observation. The colorful parades, even more vibrant dancing and awe-inspiring showcase of local music (drums!) and art on this day are reason enough to give Dangriga a shot. Just remember, if you do arrive in anticipation of Settlement Day, the town’s population more than doubles — so reservations would be prudent. There is a Maya museum there. The master and very famous drum maker, Austin Rodriguez and his daughters Nora Lee and Dayhta’s drum making school . You will also find the Galisi Garifuna History Museum there. Food is good, inexpensive and will satisfy your taste as well as your eye. Lodging is plentiful and with the exception of Garifuna Settlement Day, abundant and available.

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