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Getting // Going: Dangriga

Belize City >> Dangriga

From the airport in Belize City, you can take a cab for $25 to the city’s main bus station. Finding another traveler to make the journey, you can split the cost, though the cab driver may argue with you about that. You can always find another taxi driver at the airport. Alternatively, if you walk a quarter mile from the airport to the main road, you can wait to catch a passing bus, which would be significantly cheaper.

At 3:30 a bus goes directly to Dangriga, (then on to downtown Placencia.) From Dangriga you can also switch buses to go directly to Hopkins without having to catch a cab from the main highway. (Most buses do not go all the way to Hopkins or Placencia.)

Leaving Dangriga

From Dangriga you can catch a bus direct to Placencia at 4:30pm or 5:15pm. Direct buses to Hopkins leave from 10:30am and 5:15pm.

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