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Travel San Ignacio

Travel San Ignacio

San Ignacio is most effectively used as a jumping off point for a multitude of tours that are all far beyond the tramping budget. However, all tell of them says they are worthwhile adventures of cave tubing, jungle trekking and ancient ruin exploration – if you have room for an extra $80usd in your budget, more or less. It’s also often used as an overnight before crossing borders into Guatemala to visit Tikal and Flores.

San Ignacio serves well for these purposes and, in our opinion, not a whole lot more. It’s a friendly place and everyone is willing and ready to escort you around town to find a hotel or restaurant — regardless of how much you protest. “You’ve gotta have trust, man,” they’ll tell you.

The town is easily navigable and after a couple days you’ll likely be acquainted with most of the local characters, which is testament to the friendly, open attitude you’ll find throughout the entire country.

For a more in-depth look at the ATM caves in San Ignacio, check out Laura’s Story: The San Ignacio Experience

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