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Utila, Bay Islands

With a recent increase of violent crime in this country, travelers may be apprehensive to explore Honduras. But despite the relative dangers, there is a lot to offer the tramp traveler and at appealing prices here. (Just ignore all the Applebee’s and fast food restaurants in San Pedro Sula, the rest of the country has a lot more to offer.)

And it would be a downright shame to miss out on the the bay islands here — a worthy place to lose yourself for a couple weeks.


The entry and exit requirements for Honduras can be a bit confusing, as some fees are dependent on nationality. For example, US citizens are charged a $3USD fee when entering by land, though when coming by boat from Belize we were not charged (or it was included in the price). Exit fees are generally handled in a similar way.


Copan Ruins          •          San Pedro Sula          •         Lago de Yojoa          •         Utila


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