Traveling the Yucatan and Central America on $20 USD a day


Utila, Bay Islands

With a recent increase of violent crime in this country, travelers may be apprehensive to explore Honduras. But despite the relative dangers, there is a lot to offer the tramper and at appealing prices here. (Just ignore all the Applebee’s and fast food restaurants in San Pedro Sula, the rest of the country has a lot more to offer.)

And it would be a downright shame to miss out on The Copan Ruins, Lago de la Yojoa or the the bay islands here — a worthy place to lose yourself for a couple weeks.

We will be traveling Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua beginning March 5, 2015. Stay tune for new destinations, updates and amazing stories.


The entry and exit requirements for Honduras can be a bit confusing, as some fees are dependent on nationality. For example, US citizens are charged a $3USD fee when entering by land, though when coming by boat from Belize we were not charged (or it was included in the price). Exit fees are generally handled insimilar way. You will be charged a $39 US exit fee at the airport in San Pedro.  This was not included in the flight ticket.


Copan Ruins          •          San Pedro Sula          •         Lago de Yojoa          •         Utila


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