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Isla Mujeres

When it comes to Cancun, most tramps share the same mindset – get out as quick and as cheap as possible. Isla Mujeres (in English, Island of Women) is a half hour ferry ride and a great option if you want a nice beach atmosphere as well as good nightlife without the feeling that there is a curtain dividing your visit from the local experience. The boats start early and are frequent enough to get you to the airport on time if that’s the reason you’re in the area.

But Isla Mujeres itself offers more than just an easy escape from Cancun. While there are increasingly more high rise hotels along the popular Playa Norte, the west beach is wide and the sea is warm. The island is small and easily navigable. At just 4.3 miles (7 kilometers), it’s not difficult to find a way to check out all the island has to offer.

It may be a one day budget buster getting to the island because of all the different modes of transportation required. With cheap places to stay and eat, living the tramp life is not only easy but enjoyable – and at times delicious.

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