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Less developed and cheaper than the rest of Central America, Nicaragua is is a goldmine for trampers. Whether you’re looking for volcano hiking, charming town squares or getting stuck in paradise for forever, Nicaragua will not let you down; especially when it comes to that island paradise (see: Little Corn Island).


The tourist card issued at the Nicaraguan border is $10USD, and if coming on an international bus is generally included in the price of the ticket. DO NOT LOSE THIS CARD. There is a $1USD fee for leaving the country, and most foreigners are charged an additional $1USD fee (though this can be avoided, at the Paso Canoas border, if you just keep walking past the separate kiosk). There is also a  $32USD airport service fee if leaving by air from Managua.

NOTE: There is technically a requirement to show proof of onward travel, though we have never been asked to produce it and know of nobody else who has.

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Las Peñitas          •         Leon          •         Granada          •         Ometepe          •         Little Corn Island          •         San Juan del Sur


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