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Eating: Little Corn Island


Yum! If you’re staying on the beach side of Little Corn, you can’t miss this gem. A modest house with bright green AstroTurf-seeming grass topped by a ramshackle mix of wooden and plastic dining furniture and covered by a canopy of corrugated tin. Swing by in the morning and let whoever is there at the time that you’ll be back around 8 and you and your party want the rondon/rundown/rondown — however you choose to pronounce it, just get it. It generally will cost closer to $8 or $9 but it is more than worth it. Chock-full of, well honestly I’m not sure as it’s a closely guarded secret to the island, but it definitely includes fish, various clams, lobster, coconut milk, rice and who cares what else. It takes hours to make and it tastes like your whole life has been leading to this meal.¬†She also makes great fish dinners and gallo pinto of course.

Mango’s PizzaIMG_2049

Tired of curried, garlic, butter and/or fried lobster tail? Of course not! But just in case you want a bit more variety from your lobster, swing by Mango’s Pizza shop and try lobster pizza. It just up the main front street with nice covered huts to eat in. It’s delicious and the large pizzas are more than generous for 3-4 people. (You don’t have to get lobster pizza, they have all the normal toppings also. And you can do half and half.)

Colors View

This was our favorite place for lobster dinner. Something about the curry lobster here just tickled our tummies in a slightly tastier manner than the rest. Like anywhere else — it’s going to take at least an hour or two for your food to arrive after you’ve ordered it. We enjoyed bringing some rum and coke, iPod speakers and cards to make the wait more enjoyable. The setting on the bluff over the sea makes for a gorgeous evening with the sunset as your backdrop. Lobster and Caribbean Sea, what more could you ask for?

IMG_2012La Casona

Just around the corner as you head to the backside of the island, La Casona is a nice budget friendly place for lunch or breakfast. Eggs with gallo pinto, coconut bread — simple fare done simply for cheap prices.

Thunder Shack (dubbed as such because it lacked a name)IMG_1992

Thunder Shack is a little shack on the beach near the cabins of Elsa’s and Grace’s and they have great burritos. They are cheap and delicious and a great lunch option to tide you over for the day. They also have tipico breakfasts here too.

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