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Sleeping : Little Corn Island

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In our opinion Grace’s Cool Spot is the best option on Little Corn Island. Individual cabañas that run between $15 and $25usd, prices negotiable depending on your length of stay.

Some of the cabañas have private bathrooms with a nice porch, hammock and lounge chair included. There are also cheaper rooms with shared bathrooms, just ask to check out all the rooms available so you know your getting the best option, as the rooms vary quite a bit.

The real clincher here though is location, right on the beach. Its on the east side of the island so plenty of breeze comes in off the sea, unlike the other side of the island. For us, the only thing that got us out of the water or off the beach was when we needed to walk into town to get more provisions (i.e. rum, water, food).

There is no wi-fi here nor kitchen use, but with all the delicious restaurants here and the meat patis being sold for $.50 cents on the beach, you get by on budget so long as you’re careful.

Central America Cheap Travel Budget Border Tramp Nicaragua Little Corn Island Elsas 1Elsa’s

Similar to Grace’s but these beach cabañas don’t boast the same atmosphere as they do next door. Not to worry though, you can still go hang out next door.

The cabañas here are on stilts and very basic. The prices are the same starting at $15usd and going up to $30 for private baths and multiple beds, and as with most things these prices are also negotiable.

No wi-fi or kitchen here, but with the beach at your front door you won’t be thinking much about that anyway.

Three BrothersIMG_2066

Three Brothers may have a few strikes against it — set inland and a decent walk from the beach side, but what it lacks in location, it makes up for in affordability.

Pretty basic, Three Brothers has 17 rooms, all a little different — some have private bathrooms, varying amounts of beds, windows, and the like. The prices range from $10 to $25 a night depending on the amenities. Be sure to have a look at all the available rooms, because they do differ greatly in terms of comfort  and especially breeze. Located inland, this place can get hot — but fans are included. There is also a kitchen on premise for guest use.

And don’t be afraid to barter a little bit. Three Brothers is definitely open to discounting a week’s stay, or longer. It never hurts to ask!

IMG_2072Sunshine Hotel

Sunshine Hotel is perfect for the budget traveler who still prefers some luxuries (read: air conditioning, doors that lock, clean and private bathrooms, electricity).

The rooms are very clean and comfortable; each with its own air conditioning unit and private bathroom. A room with one double bed costs $25usd and two double beds cost $35usd. As always, ask about discounts for multiple nights.

Sunshine is a small trek to the beach, but for the amenities it might be worth it to some people. Just remember, the island loses power frequently and fuel shortages might preclude the back-up generator as well — just something to keep in mind if you are really counting on the AirCon.


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