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Santa Catalina

Do you surf? Would you like to learn to surf? What are your thoughts on pizza? If none of the above interests you, Santa Catalina might not be your kind of town. But, if you started drooling as soon as you saw the word “surf”, then Santa Catalina should definitely be on your tramp itinerary. Conversation is mostly limited to what the waves were like, the finer points of board wax, and how gnarly the gash would be if you happened to crash into the incredibly sharp reefs just offshore.

To be fair, there is also some excellent scuba diving to be done off of nearby islands — Coiba comes most readily to mind — and the town can be quite tramp-friendly if you’ve got access to a kitchen. Nevertheless, if you aren’t planning on surfing or diving planning to stay just a couple of days should be sufficient.

NOTE: There is no ATM in Santa Catalina, and shopping options are pretty limited — a can of beer costs &0.90USD and good luck finding anything more exotic than potatoes and bananas. It may be best to stock up in either Santiago or Sona. There is a produce truck that (supposedly) comes every day, though its arrival is unpredictable.

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