Traveling the Yucatan and Central America on $20 USD a day

Getting // Going : Santa Fe

David >> Santa Fe

From the central terminal in David, take the bus to Santiago. From David it takes about three hours and costs $9USD. You can catch one of these buses at any point along the Panamerican Highway. From Santiago there are colectivos leaving about every half hour for Santa Fe. To Santa Fe, the bus takes between an hour and a half and two hours and costs $2.90USD. Depending on where you are staying, you may wish to get off before coming into town (Hotel Santa Fe) or wait until you arrive at the bus terminal (Hostal La Qhia). Enjoy!

Santa Fe >> Santa Catalina (via Santiago and Sona)

From Santa Fe, take the bus back to Santiago. You will want to get as early a bus as you can in order to make sure you arrive in Sona early enough to catch one of the buses to Santa Catalina. To get from Santiago to Santa Fe costs $2.90USD and takes between an hour and a half and two hours. In Santiago, take the bus to Sona. It costs $2.10USD and takes about an hour. From Sona, four buses leave daily for Santa Catalina beginning at 5am. The last bus leaves at 4pm. From the bus terminal, cross the street and wait at the righthand side of the building for either the “Santa Catalina” or “San Lorenzo” bus. From Sona it takes a couple hours and costs $4.65USD. Buses back to Sona leave at 07:15h, 08:20, 13:30h and 15:00h.


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