Traveling the Yucatan and Central America on $20 USD a day

Rio Dulce

Rio Dulce? Take it or leave it, it doesn’t make much of a difference to us. If you are absolutely set on the idea of the $16usd ($125 quetzal) river boat ride to Livingston, then this is your destination. But for us, and many other tramp-travelers I’d say, it’s a much more affordable bet to skip ahead straight to Puerto Barrios. Perhaps the ride to Livingston from Puerto Barrios isn’t quite as scenic, but it’s hard to make the argument that it’s worth it when there is a $14usd price difference.

It’s also a good place to stop over before heading into Honduras. You can get buses to the border on your way to Copan, or to San Pedro Sula if the Caribbean coast is your destination.


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