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Travel Placencia: Undeveloped gem of a beach town.

Travel Placencia

If you’re wandering through southern Belize, it would really be a shame to miss out on Placencia. It’s not an island, but if you take the water taxi here and don’t pay attention to the geography of it — this place has every notion of the best Caribbean islands. When you travel Placencia, it’s difficult to make a wrong turn.

Copious amounts and varieties of palm trees line the wide, clean and peaceful beach. One barely paved street runs through the main part of this small town — lined with small local shops and restaurants selling local styles of food and drinks.

And don’t be surprised to find that hotel and restaurant owners are more helpful than they are competitive. Or that locals aren’t trying to sell you anything when they approach you on the beach — a lot of the times they just want to sit and talk with someone new. Enjoy it; it’s a great way to learn about the community and maybe get some inside tips on the place.

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