Traveling the Yucatan and Central America on $20 USD a day


For many people Cancun brings to mind all-inclusive resorts, all-you-can-drink booze cruises, and college spring breakers – things that would generally turn off the tramp travelers. But experienced tramps know, there is more to this city than pre-fabricated tourists traps and funneling margaritas down your throat.

Old Cancun is the area not on the beach – after all, the beach is more or less man-made, created at the behest of the tourism industry and originally subsidized by the Mexican government in the 1970s. So the history may not compare to other areas, but with the influx of tourism the diversity of the population (Mexican and international) is something to enjoy as well.

And it’s in Old Cancun that you can find the local street life and the best value for your money, and have a great time too.

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