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Isla Holbox


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Just in the past two years, we’ve seen Isla Holbox change a lot. This small marshy island is growing quickly with more restaurants and hostels popping up with each visit.

We first heard of Holbox while staying at the Yellow House hostel in Antigua, Guatemala in 2009. A Rotary scholar studying local farming efficiency mentioned he had heard it was a nice alternative to the more popular islands in the area near Cancun. Always anxious to see new places and tell of flamingos sold us on the trip. (We did see flamingos in the marshes on our first trip there.)

It turned out to be a great, tranquil place to wind down our tramping excursion and if you’re able to get a place near the beach with the strong wind coming off the water – the mosquitoes that plague the island won’t be a problem for you. As many islands do, Holbox lacks the variety of produce and fresh fruits and vegetables you can find easily other places – but it makes up for it in the ease and volume of fresh fish you can get right from the boats to your grill.

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