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Unlike the well-beaten path of the other Mexican cities known to trampers, in Sabancuy trampers are the novelty. This small fishing village is situated just north of Ciudad del Carmen. Along the lagoon the fisherman come to shore each evening with their fiberglass vessels sitting low in the water overflowing with the day’s catch. The town is not equipped for many travelers with just two hotels and no hostels, but it is a great place to stay a night and break up the longer journey from Campeche to wherever you may be headed.

If your fond of fresh seafood, this place is a treasure trove of options. Going to the water in the early evening you can have your pick of any number of fish, shellfish and cephalopods. And without a hostel, kitchens are hard to come by making Sabancuy a great opportunity to try out your ceviche skills. All you need are some limes, vegetables and whatever fresh fish you want to include.

The beach is outside of town, a two kilometer walk over the bridge. There are gorgeous blue Gulf of Mexico waters but since tourism isn’t a huge business here, the beach can get a bit trashy – but it is still a nice day trip. And the variety of water birds and their bewitching feeding habits, is a great way to spend an afternoon.

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