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Click here for more photos of OmetepeStill fresh waters, lush jungle vegetation, volcanoes, monkeys — Ometepe is the perfect place to cool down and relax when traversing Nicaragua, Caribbean coast to the Pacific.

The variety of flora and fauna of this vivacious little island is beyond impressive. Walking, biking or lounging you’ll realize your inability to focus as your eyes bounce from monkeys swinging from branches, a herd of toros coming straight toward you with the caballeros warning you to get out of the way, or even just a dung beetle performing his lifelong task of rolling animal poo along the ground into perfect little marbles — fascinating! Seriously, it’s the type of place where you could see a brontosaurus peeking over the trees and it wouldn’t shock you so much, because you almost expected it.

There are a few different towns and villages to stay in — Santo Domingo has the best beachfront while Moyogalpa has more to offer comercially. But if you have the time — renting a bike (motor or pedal) to explore the entire island is definitely worth your time and dollar.

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