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San Pedro

Check out our Photos of San Pedro

Check out our Photos of San Pedro

San Pedro may be Lake Atitlan’s most popular town for backpackers. It certainly feels that way. The tourist populated streets that run parallel to the lake are lined with hostels, restaurants, and bars, while a short trek uphill brings you in contact with the town’s center, where the Market and Church Plaza are the center of activity day both day and night. Perhaps because the tourism industry has developed more recently here than in Panajachel, the town seems to attract a younger group of tourists. There are cheap options for sleeping here, that are still comfortable, and the Spanish Schools are also not very expensive, making San Pedro an attractive option for those who want to stay put and do so without spending a lot of money.

If you’re just passing through, San Pedro is an easy place to meet other travelers. And whether its daily yoga classes or trips to The Deep End Pool, or hikes up the volcano or to surrounding towns, you won’t likely run out of things to do, regardless of how long you stay.

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